Where Do Squirrels Live?

The answer to that question is simple. Squirrels live in dreys. These are nests, either in houses, in trees, or hedges, which are high up and hidden from predators.

Squirrel drays are made from a mixture of things ordinarily found in the wild – twigs, mud, ivy, feathers and similar. Squirrel dreys can vary a lot is size. A typical example might be 22 inches long, 14 inches wide and 9 inches high.

From the outside it looks like a rather eccentric bird nest, large, and completely enclosed… maybe a ball of sticks would be a good description. They are often hidden at the top of a tree, where a branch comes off the main stem, and are sometimes hidden by ivy.

While squirrels most generally nest in trees, they can also nest in hedges, and even sometimes in out buildings or garages.

Obviously, squirrels are very pleasant animals from a distance, but they are wild animals. If they decide to make a home in your outbuildings, you shouldn’t approach them. They will bite. They also carry various diseases, some of which are very unpleasant.

Unfortunately, in towns and cities the main habitat of squirrels can be quite rare.

Often, as well as nesting in outbuildings, squirrels make a drey in people’s homes, and this can be very disturbing to the resident of the home. Let’s face it, the noise and mess a squirrel makes can be very unpleasant. While you can get a pest controller in, I think it is important to trap the squirrel, block up any holes it can return through, and then offer it a new home.

Probably the best way to do that is to look into artificial squirrel homes.

There are a number of squirrel homes on the market, and you don’t really need anything too fancy. The main thing is to make sure before you buy that the home is suitable for the particular variety of squirrel that you own. Each variety of squirrels needs different sizes of entrance, and has slightly different requirements in terms of height as well.

The other thing you need to be careful of it to make sure the artificial squirrels’ house is set up so that it is high off the ground, but there is an approach route to the nest. In particular, you need to make sure there is a tree or hedge nearby, and that the house is somewhat hidden.

Squirrel houses are not exactly expensive, but they can take a little effort to put up.

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