What is a Candida Vagina? A Shocking Revelation About Women’s Health

A candida vagina is simply a variant of BV condition which could pose a great concern for all women who have it. But it should not cause you the greatest anxiety if you would just know what to do with it. How would you approach the problem of a stinky vagina? Do it like a nurse and use the ADPIE approach.

First is Assessment: take note of the smell or what it smells like. Is it fishy or rancid? A particular smell may help indicate what kind of infection you are having. Next take note of the color of the discharge and its consistency.

Is the color brick red, yellowish or greenish? Is it clear, frothy or cheese-like? Each one of these is specific to a vaginal infection so it is important that you should be aware. Next, take note of the timing. When did you start to notice such symptoms? For long have you been experiencing such? What is the interval or when does this particularly occur? Are there any accompanying symptoms like itchiness, redness, swelling or fever?

Next identify all the sexual partners you have been with recently. Do you share some similar symptoms? Assessment should be as thorough as possible so that referral to your doctor will be a breeze. It will save a lot of time and effort both for you and for the physician if everything is in order.

Second part is the Diagnosis: since your main reason of concern is your stinky vagina, you should focus on that.

Third is Planning: with the problem identified, you need to plan your actions on how to go about with your condition. Armed with the thorough and correct diagnosis you can now have an idea on how to tackle such.

Fourth is Implementation: this will be the working phase of your problem-solving. The plan will now need execution. But for me the best implementation is still to go to the physician and turn-over your very thorough assessment. If that’s not good for you, you can research about the specific symptoms you noted.

Several websites will give you good recommendations for this but going to the physician for a check-up still gets my vote.

Fifth and last is Evaluation: it is as important as the rest of the steps above since it is the phase where you will know whether the actions you have done was already enough or would need to be reconsidered to take a different planning and implementation.

Hopefully you’ll find these steps to be helpful. You may find it time-consuming or not useful but I’m telling you, it will make a lot of difference in solving your problem on candida vagina!

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