Can We Save the Rhinos From Extinction?

As custodians of this planet it is our duty to take care of, and be the voice for the magnificent creatures that walk the same soil as we do.

Unfortunately many are being slaughtered in horrific barbaric ways every day and may soon be extinct.

We need to be the voice of the animals. We need more voices so we can shout louder to stop the trade of Ivory and Rhino Horn and other animal body parts.

We need to help those on the ground,the rangers and volunteers risking their lives on a daily basis in order to protect these beautiful creatures form the monsters, poachers and hunters that dare to call themselves part of the human race.

As a child growing up through the 70s I was introduced to Joy and George Adamson through a book given to me called Born Free, which is the iconic story of Elsa the lioness who was orphaned, taken in and cared for and raised to an adult by Joy and George at their home near Lake Naivasha Kenya before finally being reintroduced back into the wild. The proceeds form the books and films have gone on to support many conservation projects all over the world since.

The amazing nature of Joys writing made me feel as if I actually knew all the characters and animals personally. I went on to read all of Joys books, Born Free. Living Free. Forever Free. Pippas Challenge. The spotted Sphinx and more.

I fell in love with the idea of Africa and its wild animals, and I dreamed of visiting and seeing the animals with my own eyes.

My dream came to fruition just a few years ago when I participated in a sponsored cycle ride through the Rift Valley in Kenya, raising money for charity.

I was actually lucky enough to cycle through some of the areas that Joy had written about in her books, I was on safari on a push bike, cycling through the National Parks of Kenya.

The main gate at Hells Gate National park is named ‘Elsas gate’ which refers to the name of the orphaned lioness Elsa from the iconic story Born Free.

It was amazing to see the animals in their natural environment with no fences ditches or wires, total freedom.

Since my return I have thought daily about what the human race is doing to destroy the remaining Rhinos and Elephants and other endangered species of Africa including entering the reserves and poaching endangered species and killing the rangers.

I recently heard about an amazing guy called Tony Fitzjohn who had worked with George Adamson reintroducing lions and rhinos and other endangered animals back into the wild.

Tony Fitzjohn is still very much alive and has also fairly recently written a book which he aptly titled ‘Born Wild’. It is his story of how after being a bit of a London bad boy he went deep into the African bush and became a wildlife warrior working with George Adamson up to the point when George was killed by Somalian bandits back in 1989.

Tony is still (2015) very hands on working in the field in Mkomazi in Tanzania preserving the lives and habitat of Rhinos and various endangered species.

All his work is funded purely by donations, and he works tirelessly as he has done for nearly 50 years re introducing lions leopards Rhinoceros and African hunting dogs..

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